This website uses cookies. Cookies are a collective term for various technical solutions whose function is to temporarily save information about a user's visit on a website. The information is then used to remember what the user has done in the past.

Main types

Technically, cookies are usually divided into two main groups:

  • Session cookies: the information is temporarily stored on the server where the website is located. This type of cookie disappears automatically when the visitor closes their browser.
  • Persistent cookies: the information is stored directly on the visitor's device (computer, mobile, tablet) through the browser. The lifetime of cookies of this type can be set to a specific time and is sometimes extended automatically on a new visit to the same website.


Furthermore, cookies are normally divided into three categories:

  • Necessary cookies: required for the website to function.
  • Functional cookies: required for certain specific functions to work (should be optional).
  • Analysis/Statistics cookies: used by visitor statistics tools to be able to keep statistics on traffic and the number of visitors to the website (should be optional).

This website only uses necessary cookies. You cannot opt ​​out of necessary cookies.

For further information about cookies see Post- och telestyrelsen.

Necessary cookies

Cake Purpose Lifespan
ASP.NET_SessionId A session cookie that is necessary for the functionality of the e-service. Used by websites written with Microsoft .NET-based technologies to identify a session between client and web server. No personal information is saved and the cookie disappears when you close the browser. Session
User A session cookie that is necessary for the functionality of the e-service. Identify logged in users and provide correct permissions. The cookie is created on the web server to tie the user to a session. The cookie disappears when the user logs out or closes the browser. Session
When you enter this website, you are asked to agree to our use of cookies. So that you do not have to approve this again, a cookie is set so that the website remembers your approval. The cookie is a so-called persistent cookie and is saved in your browser for 10 days. 10 Days
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